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Professor W. Oosterlinck, Urology Department of the University Hospital Ghent, Belgium.
EMDA has been especially developed for the treatment of superficial bladder tumours. It improves the effectiveness of the medication that is administered into your bladder and that is to prevent the tumour recurring or developing into a more malign type of tumour.

EMDA stands for Electro Motive Drug Administration and it is based on the ancient iontophorese technique which facilitates the transportation of a certain medicine deeper into the body, to exactly the right spot, by means of an electrical  potential difference.

Iontophoresis is a non-invasive means of administering medical drugs by which high doses of a medicine is transported through the skin (transdermally) by using electrically charged medication-containing particles (ions).
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Optimal treatment of superficial bladder tumours
Emda equipment
Detail image of Emda catheter
Emda catheter with fixation baloon
Emda catheter inside the bladder